Saturday, April 24, 2010

New faces, fresher changes in governance

What do we expect our president or any other Filipino leader to have? Do we need certified engineers, lawyers, economists and businessmen to govern us?

As a poor man, I dare say that we need more than highly intelligent, qualified and highly educated leaders---we need those whose hearts are in the right place. Yes.

There's talk going around among Filipinos living in poor communities that intelligent people are only good as policy or researchers. They suck as leaders.

Bayani Fernando is one. He goes around town wearing that stupid engineer's hat, telling people that he's an engineer and we need an engineer as Vice president, then, telling everyone that when he's elected to the post, he'll just do nothing. He will just be a bastonero, meaning a morale boaster. Okay, so why are you wearing an engineer's hat?

Fernando's action is simply stupid and idiotic. He should fire his pr firm, for even telling him to wear that. Why?

That hat symbolizes danger. Yep, why wear that hat if you're not in a construction site? Fact is, whenever the masses see that hat, they remember the numerous construction disasters and accidents that people who wore that got. Its like wearing a bullet proof vest inside a church. Or wearing an anti-blast suit inside a mall.

Filipinos are more discerning, and more intelligent now. They simply will not vote for Fernando simply because he's an engineer. The masses saw how cruel and how heartless he was when he was still MMDA chairman.

Yes, the law must be followed. But, implementing the law does not mean harming the rights of those vendors. When he violently seized the goods of vendors and itinerant street sellers, did Fernando implemented the law? Yes, he did. But, Fernando did it in such a way that only a neurotic would do it.

Do we need lawyers to govern us?

We have so many laws that law students are hard pressed reading and memorizing every single bit of them. And to the credit of our legislators, these are very good laws indeed.

Yet, these laws are being used by the very same creators to commit atrocious crimes against the people. Example--the VAT law.

VAT are good tax measures in modern societies. VAT are good if government wants to improve the economy.

VAT sucks in an economy barely surviving or struggling to keep pace with its neighbours. VAT is like a curse when the people do not even have enough to buy food stuffs.

And do we need businessmen to govern us?

We have the likes of Villar who thinks there's nothing wrong with appearing before the bourse and asking for concessions.

We have the likes of Enrile whose Jaka properties are benefitting from his hard work. And we have the likes of those hacienderos who are in power just to frustrate agrarian reform.

What kind of leaders do we need today?

We need young leaders who will focus more on the collective welfare than personal welfare. We need young leaders who are visionaries, more than certified this and that.

We need direction, not dereliction of duties.

We need people whose vision for our country reflects what we, ordinary Filipinos desire for--a country who equalizes opportunities and provides security to all.