Monday, April 19, 2010

Oplan C.U.R.E.

Mrs. Arroyo has called for an emergency security meeting with her cabinet to discuss the elections. Executive secretary Leandro Mendoza said, the administration is fully committed to ensuring the highest preparations for a clean elections. However, some quarters are not convinced. 

A source, who refused to be named, confirmed that Defense secretary Norberto Gonzales is currently going the rounds, meeting with battalion commanders of the AFP shortly after PMA Class 1977 meeting with Liberal party standard bearer Noynoy Aquino. The meeting, says a source, was nothing official nor even suspicious. It was not even a "gripe session." (Curiously, PMA Class 1977 was purportedly the class behind Nacionalista party standard bearer Manny Villar. Did they move out of NP and into the loving arms of the LP?)

Meanwhile, another source says that the administration is planning the establishment of a junta before May 30, the day when Congress supposedly opens its session. This junta, says the source is to be a countermeasure against a possible "people power" to be instigated by certain quarters close to Liberal party bet Noynoy Aquino. 

The question is---will PMA class 1978 participate in this junta even after one of them assured me that they are all constitutionalists and will just abide with the duly-constituted civilian authority whoever that may be?

Will PMA Class 1978 stay in the sidelines and just let these things " move as naturally and as normally as possible" or will they be the actors in this political drama?

That's probably why former president Fidel Valdes Ramos and his gang are slowly appearing again before the media, propping themselves up again and just recently, held a dinner to get international support for their plan.

For one, if a group OTHER THAN the group of Norberto Gonzales hatch and execute a coup, that will surely be welcome development for the people. 

A junta by this administration will be strongly opposed by the People. All sectors will unite and will fight this junta, including this writer.