Monday, April 12, 2010

Radovan denies being the blogger behind fake Noynoy psych report

In a Facebook conversation with a Jennifer Aquino, Atty. Ariel Radovan denied that he was behind the alleged fake psych record of Senator Benigno Aquino. When asked, Radovan just said that he is a lawyer, not a doctor. (see thread on Alleged Fake Aquino Psych Report Leaker Speaks; Tags Lakas, Not NP).

Though Radovan denies this, what is so curious about it, he now says that my blog entry was prompted by his boss' political nemesis--Agnes Devenadera--whom I don't know from Adam! Fact is, IN THIS BLOG, I ATTACK DEVENADERA, LAKAS-KAMPI CMD, GIBO TEODORO AND MOST ESPECIALLY MRS. GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO almost twice or thrice every day!

Obviously, Radovan is employing an age-old tactic of DIVERSION--he wants the public to ignore the article and focus on the Sonny Pulgar blogpost which I posted here.

Let me inform Mr. Radovan and all you readers that the reason why I posted the Pulgar piece is simply, I don't have any material on Willy Enverga that is incisive and Mr. Pulgar's piece is incisive and fits the bill.

Now, let me also inform Mr. Radovan that his name is being mentioned by Liberal party media who already probed and investigated this matter. 

Thirdly, I want to categorically state that I have nothing to do with Lakas. I am not a member of Lakas and not working for them. Fact is, Lakas is not my choice of a political party. I would rather go to the Democratic Party of the Philippines rather than face humiliation being affiliated with any trapo Pinoy party.

Lastly, his photo with Loren speaks volumes and I'll tell you why. Yes, it was taken in 2004, but Radovan's involvement with Loren is more than meets the eye. 

How about this photo with Lisa Maza of the Nacionalista Party, with Mr. Radovan sporting the Nacionalista colors? Don't tell me this is a 2004 photo, Mr. Radovan?

If Atty. Radovan is not behind the spread of the fake psych report, then, so be it. At least he came forward. However, some of my friends say and let me quote them here---the evidence will speak for itself. Enuf said. Let those who sin, according to the Bible, repent.