Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Satur Ocampo versus Jovito Palparan on Harapan

Heard from a friend that Nacionalista party senatorial candidate Satur Ocampo and erstwhile senatorial bet Jovito Palparan are expected to square off in Harapan this Sunday. A former rebel versus a rebel killer, some will say. A defender of rights versus a violator of rights, others will say, that is something to watch for. A defender of farmers in one side while a killer of farmers in the other. You judge who you'll vote for this coming elections.

More than this though, both represents two strands of thought---one progressive, the other, regressive. 

One wants to debate the issues out, while the other wants to silence the debater. Who will you side with? One is thirsty for justice, the other blood thirsty. 

History will cancel both out, some will say, since one once thought of Communism while Palparan is simply a nihilist.

Choosing somebody who believed in the liberation of the masses through a revolt over someone who chose to liberate the souls of the masses through machine gun fire, I'll choose Satur anytime. 

Satur represents a higher level of commitment while Palparan, well, a commitment to murder? You can't do that in a civilized society. 

To defeat an idea, you have to present a better one. Pikon lang ang papatay kung talo sa debate, right?

By the way, since YOU is not running, then, I encourage all my friends to vote for KABATAAN partylist this coming elections. 

KABATAAN PARTYLIST is the most progressive youth organization in the country today. Mong Palatino and Mark Aquino represent the brightest and the most inspiring youths of today. 

The only reason why I am still here in the Philippines is the fact that I still hold the hope that Mong Palatino and Mark Aquino of KABATAAN partylist will not betray the masses.