Friday, May 14, 2010

Clash of the Ilustrados: Consequences of Early In-Fighting between the Hyatt 10 and the Cojuangco Clique

Let me just add a few things in what I wrote in Filipino Voices' " Clash of the Ilustrados: Feuding Groups within Aquino's Ranks" today. 

Clearly, we cannot afford to have a government with two contending forces jockeying for power. It seems like that in Fe Zamora's report over at the Inquirer. Yes, this is inevitable. Every single administration, in democracies, pseudo-democracies, monarchies and what-have-you, has this problem. This is common, yet, in the case of an Aquino administration, avoidable. 

The survival of democracy in the Philippines depends on the future actions of Aquino. If Aquino appoints new faces in his cabinet, appointed based on skills, experience and intelligence, not on blood relations or close association with any of his relatives or that of his friends, then, we are assured of six years of stability. 

Aquino should heed the advices of many well-meaning people and appoint competent people in government, those who will not fear possible reprisals from the high and mighty and will just do their jobs and prosecute grafters and thieves in barongs, even those close to Aquino.

The overwhelming cry of the Filipino electorate is clear---there should be justice. The Filipino interprets justice as equity or patas ang laban. If Aquino, early on in his administration, shows willingness to level the playing field for every Filipino, and avoids the pitfalls of appointing these discredited Ilustrados in his Cabinet, then, expect the entire Nation to rally behind him. 

However, if Aquino shows partiality and acts like a true-blue politician, and appoints people once involved in anomalies and corruption charges, like the factotums of his uncle, Jose Peping Cojuangco, or any of the people who once benefitted from the largesse of the first Aquino administration, then, by God, save us. 

Even at 39 years old with many kids and a beautiful wife, I will fight him to the death, for lying before the People and frustrating the will of the Nation. Just like what I vowed to do with Arroyo, I will lead the people in exposing the possible excesses and the nefarious activities of the Kamaganak Incorporated of Peping Cojuangco, their associates and their ass-likers (not just lickers but likers) and even of the Hyatt 10. If these people will ruin and frustrate the mandate given by the People to Noynoy Aquino, then God forgive me, but I will not stop until the People themselves correct the injustice. 

Aquino should show consistency at this early stage in the game; otherwise, he may lose the people who supported and voted for him. And this will have extremely direct consequences on the survival of ilustrado democracy in this country.

This elections, as correctly pointed out by many, is the last time that people will use democratic means in order to effect change. If Aquino, through the actions and actuations of groups surrounding him, loses the trust of the People and frustrates many, I will not be surprised if many people will again hinge their support behind caudillos and entertain thoughts on extra-constitutional means to effect change. 

With this, let this be said---this site, the New Philippine Revolution, will continue. I had hoped that this is the right time for me to close this site and start a new one. I spoke too soon.

This early, signs of the resurrection of the broad smiling, and pickpocketing ilustrados is upon us. God help us. God protect us from these new thieves in barongs. We fought Arroyo for nine years. If Aquino will not be able to nip this in the bud, then, by God, let the war begin!

Kala ko tapos na ang pagdurusa ng siyam na taon sa ilalim ng mga Ilustrado at mafia ni Arroyo. Mayroon pala tayong mga papatayin pang mga ilustradong nabuhay kung magkakamali si Aquino.