Friday, June 11, 2010

Bangit should remain silent: Rabena should be next in line

Are we inviting rancor against us by reiterating this issue about General Delfin Bangit? The guy, who already shown his willingness to abide with the Constitutional mandate, already stated his desire not to stay a minute longer as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The only contentious issue is whether or not Bangit should tender his resignation prior to June 30. I dare say, he should not.

Let his appointment lapse. And let him leave the post with his honor and dignity intact.

Under the Articles of War, Bangit would lose all his benefits, especially his retirement pay, would he tender his resignation or avail of early retirement before July 2011. Bangit is set to retire by that date.

Now, when he tenders his letter of resignation before June 30, it would definitely affect his service record AND would actually be demeaning to someone of his stature.

When the Commission on Appointments bypassed his "promotion" and "appointment" first, as four-star general and Chief of Staff, Bangit was put in a very humiliating quandary. He faces two (2) issues: first, the incoming Commander in Chief of the AFP does not like him and intends to really dismiss him no later than June 30 and second, he would also be the first AFP chief of Staff who faces the very bleak prospect of having been humiliated by the President.

I advise Bangit and his media handlers to do the following:

1. Do not issue any more statement on the matter and like a gentleman, remain silent. Let Bangit do his job and that means being in the thick of things and administer the AFP the best that he can do it.

2. Do not side with Defense chief Norberto Gonzales. Gonzales wants to be the chief critic of this incoming administration. Let him. As an officer and a gentleman, Bangit should remain as a professional soldier without regard to politics.

By the way, the problem of who succeeds Bangit is actually resolved already.

Noynoy cannot appoint either Ferrer or Ochoa mainly because they would be retiring after a few months. There are only two (2) officers who can succeed Bangit: Marayag and Rabena.

Lieutenant General Rabena is a highly qualified officer. He is highly respected among the ranks and is very professional. He earned his spurs in combat and is regarded as one of the toughest cookies in the establishment.

Rabena deserves to succeed Bangit. By the way, Rabena retires on 2012, a good thing since this will ensure the stability of the military establishment for the next two years.