Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dream of a better Philippines come June 30

One fine morning, at the residence of best-selling author Alex Lacson, I was asked if I think change would really happen under an Aquino administration. Being a political analyst, I responded with a firm "no". (By the way, this happened a few days before May 10)

"No" because there are stronger and more sinister forces of evil still lurking in our midsts. "No" because elite groups still populate the bureaucracy and "no" because Filipino voters have this tendency of just reverting to their ordinary lives and leave all responsibility in governance to their elected leaders.

Today, I realized that change, substantial change, is really bound to happen if we all unite and think positive.

I realized that if everyone think alike, and dream of a better society in their minds, change will really, and truly, happen within our life times.

Thought is the strongest force of change in the universe. When an entire people dream of a better existence, it will surely happen if every one believes that their "dreams" are not just "dreams" but a future reality.

If everyone has one singular THOUGHT, and that THOUGHT is a better society for all, a society which we graphically picture in our minds, change, indeed, will happen.

Realizing this, I have one favor to ask to all my readers and Facebook friends--let us all create one singular thought come June 30.

Breathe slowly....then...let us close our eyes....while breathing slowly....then slowly....we now feel alive and refresh...slow breath...slower still...

Let us think of an image of serenity and order. Think of blue skies and a land rich in fruit-bearing trees.

Breathe slowly....

Think of Noynoy speaking before the people and the people cheering him on.

Think of Noynoy's people behind him, all together in one mind and heart for the betterment of everyone. Picture them dressed in their smart barongs, smiling and taking an oath before the people that they will do their darnest best to correct the sins of the past and provide direction to the future.

Think of the poor eating a very nice meal. Of people smiling. Of jeepney drivers and taxi drivers smiling broadly and getting very courteous with their passengers.

Think of the stock market people rejoicing for a very nice and profitable day. Think of government employees giving us excellent service and us, smiling and thanking them in return.

Think of a very good headline in the Inquirer and the Star, showing our economy perking itself up and incomes rising.

Think of a 5-peso lowered gasoline and diesel prices.

Think of a throng of soldiers saluting the new president and vowing to protect the people from all threats.

Think of Communist leadres led by Jose Maria Sison conversing with Noynoy's people and signing a lasting peace pact.

Think of the MILF led by Murad, talking and sharing a meal with Noynoy and signing a peace pact with the government.

Think of Basilan's fine beaches peopled with foreign tourists...of Jolo having hotels and a bustling city...of Tawi-tawi having high rise buildings and hotels and resorts...

Think. Think as one. Picture all of these in your minds and eventually say " These things will be done." And, by the mercies of God and the Fates, it shall be.