Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Barista Course in ASHA

You want to be the best in the Barista arts? Then this is for you...
Asian School of Hospitality Arts, one of the first hotel schools in the Philippines, announces the opening of its Certificate of Barista course beginning August 2, 2010.

This 3-month intensive course aims to train students on the rudiments of bartending, and other job-related responsibilities which an aspiring barista needs in order to cope with the standards of 5-star hotels, restaurants and bars.

The Barista course fuses theory and practice, with most of the time spent in learning the true arts of bartending and perfecting beverage concoctions. Students enjoy the advantage of learning the arts and science of bartending in a real coffee shop/bar setting. You get to be a real-life barista while completing your certificate program. Learning is easy and fun since ASHA offers a ladderized and modular-based Barista course. Students learn based on their own pace.

After undergoing training and barista education, some of the best students are immediately immersed into the hotel and restaurant industry as apprentice. They enjoy an apprentice salary while studying in ASHA. The school also offers immediate job placement after graduation.

ASHA is a strong partner of The Coffee Beanery (TCB) along West Avenue, Quezon City. ASHA is a strong advocate of spreading Asian Values, World Class-Education.

It is also affiliated with Seven Suites Hotel Observatory, Classic Cuisine (C2), The Orange Place (TOP) and C3 Events Place.

ASHA opens its Certificate of Barista at TCP West Avenue, Quezon City. Classes start August 10, 2010. For inquiries, please call +6325066474, 5067007 or 09175907425. Check their website at