Thursday, July 29, 2010


Slowly, we are feeling that government is honestly doing something to address our concerns. DPWH secretary Rogelio Singson has just written off 19 alleged midnight deals. Kudos to Singson. While we wait with bated breath, Customs chief Angelito Alvarez's promise to present one smuggler every single week. It is now Thursday and still no big fish presented.

Oh, well. Mr. President, yung bata mo, papatay-patay. Are we going to wait for him forever to produce? President Noynoy, you promised to boot Alvarez' butt off if he fails to produce. It is now what, three weeks and still Alvarez reneged on his promise to rid the Customs department of big-time smugglers and greedy officials.

Alvarez claims to have 20 years experience transacting with Customs. It is entirely unbelievable for him to say that he still does not know who among hundreds of officials there are involved in shady deals.

Alvarez should be fired, pronto. He's not fit to be a fisherman, even a whaler.