Thursday, July 22, 2010

Federico Pascual's Postscript to Ricky Carandang

Good friend, Federico Pascual Jr's "Postscript" today in Philippine Star tells you the state of the communications group President Noynoy Aquino has today. Ricky Carandang, a former anchor of ANC is not exactly a darling of the media, one of several key assets a palace communications expert should have. This probably explains why several or most columnists are now critical of the Aquino administration because of the apparent failure of the group to handle media.

Some, however, hope that this bad relationship would end quickly since the palace is slowly encountering major problems caused by bad governance for the past nine years. Even a water shortage such as what 100 barangays under the Maynilad water concession is encountering, is now being transformed into a "calamity" all because the Palace is simply mishandling the messaging aspect of this issue. The lack of an effective media relations man is causing tremendous damage to the new government.

Pascual is just one of many very influential columnists who are being "marginalized" by several members of the Communications group, a wrong move I should say. You don't alienate an enemy or a perceived critic---you warm up to him and explain him things are not what he perceived it to be.