Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mcdonald's Pagcor Meal Scandal

A commenter says that I give Angelito Alvarez, the new Customs chief, a break? Why? Why would the people and me give him a break? I mean, come on! You want to be a government official, you have to have the guts to accept criticisms from all sectors.

You promised to parade a list of big time smugglers every week, and yet you reneged on your first promise to the public? If you can't hack it, don't even tell the public about it.

Now, on the PAGCOR budget of 21 million pesos which they allegedly used to feed members of the Philippine National Police who took part in the SONA of Mrs. Arroyo.

Former PAGCOR chairman Efraim Genuino said the amount was wisely spent. Really?


P 21,000,000--Pagcor budget

How many cops consumed the P 87/meal of McDonalds? 241, 379.31 ---double the actual number of the Philippine police force. The PNP force is just 140,000. Meaning, the figure became double.

How many cops ate the P 87/meal of Mcdonalds for 8 straight days? Every day, it cost Pagcor 2.625 million pesos to feed 30, 172 every day for 8 days. Meaning, the number of cops who secured PGMA in eight days is that number when the PNP always say the maximum number of cops they deploy is just 10,000. That's the maximum. IN this case, its thrice the number.

Okey, Genuino claims that the amount was spent for six months? That is about 3.5 million per month. And how many cops ate the 87 peso Mcdo meal for six (6) straight months? It's 40,229 cops.

So, if Genuino is right, then he fed 6,740 cops per month for 6 months. That's 223 cops eating only Mcdo meals every single day for six straight gruelling months. Wow.

For the love of me, I do not believe that there was no collusion between a Pagcor official and a franchise owner of Mcdonalds.

One, in the official statement of Mcdonalds, the company said that the date in the receipt is not the date of purchase but the actual date of payment.

Meaning, the purchases of Pagcor accumulated for six months, before the agency can even pay them? So, meaning McDonald's Philippines allowed a government agency or probably even a private company to actually have an account with Mcdo.

This is the first time that I learned of this scheme by Mcdo. If this is true, then, I can actually go to a Mcdonald's branch and order as much as I want and pay after, say 30 days?

There is something beefy here...err...fishy here. Probably that explains why some cops especially those under National Capital Region Police director Roberto Rosales have beer bellies.

The people should probe who owned the Mcdo franchise that allowed the Pagcor to have an expense account.