Thursday, July 8, 2010

Noli de Castro is back

Noli de Castro, the tough cookie of Philippine broadcasting is back!

"Kabayan: Kapangyarihan ng Mamamayan, Balita at Talakayan" will once again be heard over DZMM.

De Castro who rose to national prominence after the 1986 People Power revolt, will re-assume his premier morning slot starting on Monday, July 12.

Twenty four years ago, former president Cory Aquino gave the Lopezes back their crown jewels, namely ABS-CBN and Meralco. These two corporations were sequestered by former strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

It was De Castro who brought back the old glory of ABS-CBN with his witty and very strong commentaries against the excesses of the Cory Aquino administration. Back then, De Castro did not mince words with erring government officials under Cory's time. He tells it like it is. That's why the people loved him.

Fast forward to 2010, and we have Cory's son at the helm of power and De Castro, again, re-assuming the post he left several years ago. Broadcasting lost a great one when De Castro was lured into politics and public service for more than a decade.

Like I said in my previous entries, this is like a re-run, except of course, people are older now. When De Castro created broadcasting history, I was then a high school student. Because of him, I eventually became an activist.

Will history repeat itself yet again in Noynoy Aquino's time? Will we see yet again the problems caused by so much elite intervention in Philippine society that defined the Cory Aquino government?

Seven days ago, the people were enthralled by the simple pageantry of the inauguration. Millions hoped that change would really happen under Noynoy's administration.

However, with all of these appointments of shady characters in sensitive posts in the bureaucracy, many people are slowly losing hope.

It is now "business as usual" in the "New Philippines".

Will de Castro be the "strong voice" of the Filipino People? Or will we see a milder, more subdued De Castro starting on Monday?


To my good old friend and mentor (when I was still a writer at Magandang Gabi Bayan) Noli de Castro, more power and tell it like it is!

Like I said, I have re-runs. But this "re-run" is sweet.