Sunday, July 11, 2010

Noynoy Aquino orders crackdown on Jueteng Operations: Robredo appointed DILG Secretary

President Noynoy Aquino has ordered new DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo to go after big-time jueteng operators.

And, this is, I should say, the most admirable decision the president ever took in his young administration.

And I am very happy that he appointed Robredo as the local governments secretary. At long last, there is one person that will really buckle down to work and provide the necessary political muscle to go after these operators of the illegal numbers game.

Robredo, I sincerely believe, is the most qualified Cabinet member in Aquino's administration. He's young. He is a visionary. He is an iconoclast.

Robredo's appointment is a welcome thing, unlike those made in the Customs, BIR and DPWH departments. Even at the Energy department. Imagine, appointing long-time industry players in those departments, how would we expect them to go after their own kind?

For nine long years, jueteng persisted and remained unabated. Now, it is time for it to end. I believe that this is the one fight where ordinary Filipinos like me, would love to engage ourselves in.

People should report where these illegal numbers game operators do their operations and from there, try to crack them down.

Robredo should be supported by the People. I urge the people to support Robredo all the way.

For starters, as a Citizen of this Republic, I will give Robredo some names he can definitely go after.

  • Tony "Boy" Santos (Bolok to some) operates in the area of Rizal and Marikina.
  • Atong Ang has regained his territories in Central Luzon and the Bicol region.
  • Charing Magbuhos--already controls half of Luzon
  • Willy Cimanis Mayor
  • Chavit Singson---Ilocos and regions 1-2
  • Caddie Putong
  • Jesse Regalado
  • M2 and M1---said to be the code names of former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and Mikey Arroyo.
  • Rodolfo Pineda---said to control Pampanga, Bulacan and tried to enter Metro Manila, now controlled by Boy Santos and Charing Magbuhos.
I ask all New Patriots and the Bagong Katipuneros to rally behind Robredo and finally, through the strength and Power of the Filipino People, crush this menace which has been a plague to our lives since the Spanish regime.