Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Noynoy Aquino's honeymoon

President Noynoy Aquino asked---where's my honeymoon? Noy was referring to the 100-day respite from media attacks usually accorded to new heads of state.

The president even jokingly said that because he's a bachelor, people probably thought that he does not know what "honeymoon" means.

Let me impart my two-cents worth knowledge on why there's no honeymoon for New Pnoy--it's his fault. His stirring inauguration speech left many with a higher expectation than his predecessor.

He promised change. Yet, he did not say that it will be slower than expected.

He promised a New Philippines. Yet, he did not say that it will actually be a "modified" version of the old.

His first acts as the New Head of State were totally shocking because they were so "traditional", these disabused the minds of many people and re-defined what "new" means.

He re-cycled Cabinet members of the old dispensation, and allowed one of them, Finance secretary Cesar Purisima to appoint a dubious character at the Bureau of Customs. Trusted family associates were appointed to sensitive posts, including someone who headed Maynilad to the agency which Maynilad directly transacts with.

Noy hired someone from the energy sector to head the energy department, totally subservient to the interests of the big oil players. And he allowed a very close family friend to audit Malacanang, a very suspicious thing since under the law, it's only the Commission on Audit which does that.

Noy allowed families to populate his Cabinet. The Abads control the purse while the Romulos controlled both the Foreign Affairs and the Department of Agriculture.

He then appointed a veteran LTO official to the top post and allowed her to transact with Stradcom. Stradcom, even at this time, still gives bad service. This was discussed but never resolved.

The Customs department promised to present one big fish every week, but failed. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) did the same, but again, reneged. These were promises which the people were given but never implemented.

The People are doing their best to support the new administration, but times are making it difficult for people not to criticize this new government.

Food prices remain extremely high. Oil prices remain high. Meralco wants to increase their electricity rates while Maynilad and Manila Water are telling the people that there is a possibility of a water shortage. These things are making life extremely hard for Pinoys.

If the Pinoys, whom Noynoy described as his bosses, are having a very difficult time to survive life here in this country, and his new administration is now perceived to be helpless in stemming this, what then would stop us from commenting and criticizing?