Friday, July 23, 2010

RP Water Crisis has a dastardly objective: Hand over Angat Dam to Maynilad and Manila Water

Now the truth can be told....

The reason why there's an artificial water shortage, which is causing the Aquino administration so much humiliation is not the lack of rain. The scarcity of water in the Angat dam is just one reason. The reason is actually more than this.

This crisis has an objective---to pressure Malacanang to hand over Angat Dam to the two water concessionaires--Maynilad and Manila Water.

Are they asking government because they want to manage water resources or they are actually interested in other things?

These two water companies, one of which was handled by DPWH secretary Rogelio "Babes" Singson, are interested not on water but on the 256,000 kilowatt hours worth of electricity being generated by Angat Dam.

We all know that these two utility companies have energy-related businesses, and that includes electricity generation and distribution.

Electricity is a prime commodity, water runs just a far second. Is'nt it strange that all attention was focused on Angat dam, while La Mesa and Ipo were left out of the discussion? These two companies want to force government to hand over the hydroelectric dam reservoir to them on a silver platter.

And DPWH secretary Rogelio Singson definitely knows and is part of the game plan since he was the one who led the blame game against Napocor. Singson charged that Napocor released 3 months worth of water during the height of Typhoon Ondoy. And why blame Napocor?

Napocor controls Angat dam, which produces 256,000 kilowatt hours worth of electricity. This dam is precious property. It generates electricity AND supplies water to 96% of Metro Manila.

At present, Maynilad buys water from the government and sells it to us, consumers. Same goes to Manila Water. They buy the water from the water board. Before, it used to be the MWSS who generates water and distributes it to households.

When even the water service was privatized, water became a precious commodity, selling at a high of 1,000 or even at 3,000 pesos in some areas.

Control of this dam, therefore, would definitely benefit Maynilad and Manila Water. They will not anymore buy water from government. They will get it free and will be able to exploit us.

If two private companies control this hydroelectric dam, then, government will be empowering them to sell electricity to the National Power Corporation instead of the NPC selling it to them.

This is clearly a direct conflict of interest. Imagine, two private companies controlling government energy and water resources?

If the Aquino administration relents, then, expect other hydroelectric power dams and other government resources to be privatized.

President Noynoy Aquino should be made aware of this and immediately act by firing DPWH secretary Babes Singson and his group of backers. This administration should not allow the privatization of Angat dam. This will extremely worsen this water shortage and make some Executives rich in return.