Sunday, August 1, 2010

Corazon "Cory" Aquino and The Purity of Our Struggle as a People

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino died a year ago. When she was still alive, Cory accomplished what no other Filipino hero did to this country.

In our misery, Cory united us. In our triumphs, Cory was there to lead us forward. In unjust times, Cory was there, with us, championing the cause of Right. And in our suffering, Cory suffered and led us to the Light through her unceasing prayers and supplications to our Almighty God.

I was still a high school student when this humble housewife ascended the Heights of Power. No one really thought that a mass of people who supported her would actually defeat a Strongman with his army and his blue supporters.

When I saw her leading a massive throng of Filipinos along that historical avenue, I thought that this was a repeat of the Katipunan revolt which toppled a regime many a century ago. In 1896, Filipinos of all shapes and sizes, of all social classes, went out of their homes and rallied behind a poor Plebian whose only weapon was his grit and belief in the strength of a Mighty and Just God. These Filipinos were armed only by the Cause of Reason, a Cause that espouses the equality of all men under heaven.

A century past, and the Supremo metamorphosed into a female, whose Cause is Just, Mighty and Right. Like the Supremo, Cory was armed only by the Will of Heaven, whose God has said that enough is enough.

Cory Aquino showed the world that, through the strength of collective Will and the powerful belief in a One True God, change is possible.

Guns melted when people put sunflowers in its barrels, while people with their hands up stopped tanks and APCs in their advance.

No single person can adequately explain the phenomenon. Many wrote about it, some even said that it was a bogus revolt. That it was actually an orchestrated coup saved by the people.

Whatever it is, the first EDSA that Cory led was something out of the ordinary. It was the people speaking as One, the people exercising their Power as One, and the people advancing the Cause of Freedom, as One.

In its purity, it is the People empowering People with Love.

Atty. Alex Lacson with
former president Cory Aquino
Cory was the first Citizen to nurture true People Power. She was the first to come out of her sheltered life and sacrificed her life for the poor, the simple folk and even those who have wealth.

Cory's life is an inspiration, her name, a Mantra of Love and Change.

One small step, a catalyst of change.

Now, with Cory among those in our pantheon of heroes enjoying God's nurture, it is up to us, the present generation, to make alive, what Cory lived and died for.

Cory's life can be summed up in just one---be a good citizen.

Love your fellow Filipino as you love yourself. Love God above all others.

Love your country as much as you love your parents. Make your country the best place to live in.

Fight for what is Right, struggle for what is Just.

The People's Welfare is the supreme Cause. The Cause of the People is the supreme struggle.

Be proud of being a Filipino, by your actions, by your words.

In everything you do, be proud and be responsible.

Do not steal even a centavo from the public coffers. Do not even pluck a flower or a grass in public parks and get even a paper clip from any public office.

The Power of the People resides in every soul and comes to life every single day that a Filipino does the right thing.