Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hostage-Taking in Manila: Heads must roll and the "Sorry" Administration

Instead of believing what he said, I just shook my head after what Communications secretary Sonny Coloma told Anthony Taberna this morning at Umagang Kay Ganda.

Coloma is trying to put the blame to the former government. He is, in Public Relations, deflecting the issue. He is putting all the blame to the Arroyo administration, starting with saying that those who managed the hostage-taking situation in Manila were all former Arroyo generals.

Oh, come on. What a very flimsy and very stupid way of deflecting the issue.

We, the People, are all tired of the usual alibi of this administration. It has been more than two months already and people are tired of hearing this administration blaming the last one for the maladies of the present.

Why not ADMIT the following:

1. The Aquino administration should admit that, like the Philippine National Police, it also erred in judgment. The fact that Communications secretary Ricky Carandang said at that time that Malacanang is letting the local authorities resolve the situation clearly shows that the national government, despite the involvement of foreign tourists, considered the situation so "local", they just shrugged it all off.

Carandang should be fired from his job, pronto. He does not know what he is doing and I put the blood of those who died in his hands.

He should not do a Pontius Pilate and say that he does not have a part in this. He, like the rest of the Cabinet members who under-reacted, should tender their resignation for ineptitude.

Same goes to Coloma. Coloma should not try to deflect. Just admit that even the palace erred and assure the people that all is well and is trying to remedy the procedures.