Thursday, August 26, 2010

Latest Update on the Hostage Taking in Rizal Park: Sabotage seen in hostage-taking tragedy in Manila

Sabotage seen at hostage negotiations?
A source who refused to identify himself, insinuated the possibility of an "internal sabotage" of the negotiations between police and the slain hostage taker Chief Inspector Rolando Mendoza that led to the deaths of eight hostages, five Hongkongers, and three Canadians.

If you remember, the negotiations bogged down when Mendoza saw or heard on television his brother Gregorio being arrested by the police.

The source, a police official, said that it was Manila Police chief General Rodolfo Magtibay who ordered the end of the negotiations and the arrest of the brother of the hostage taker.

Magtibay, a member of Philippine Military Academy class 1978, reportedly gave the order which resulted to the deaths of nine people, including the hostage taker.

PNP Chief Jesus Verzosa has relieved Magtibay for the bolched negotiations. Magtibay, however said he already filed a leave of absence to give the investigation a free hand.

The arrest was a violation of the standard operating procedure being followed by the Philippine National Police.

Is it possible that Magtibay was part of what others say was a sabotage that led to this unfortunate incident?

Magtibay is a member of PMA Class 1978 which also included Rear admiral Feliciano Angue who was "demoted" a few days ago.

The source said that Magtibay knew that the negotiations would turn entirely nasty if the police arrest the brother of the hostage taker.

Malacanang, meanwhile, is implying such when DILG secretary Jesse Robredo is insinuating that the cops who handled the situation were actually "hold-backs" from the previous administration.

Magtibay should be allowed to explain himself. An investigation should be conducted to clear the name of Magtibay, who is now being demeaned and is being besmirched because of this incident.