Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pnoy's Concept of Social Justice: Who won in the election of Aquino?

Pnoy's concept of social justice is beginning to slowly rear its evil and ugly head. Social justice, for this new administration, is starkly similar with the former dispensation. It is a neo-liberal and bourgeois concept, which institutionalizes evil and anti-People acts.

For Pnoy, it is not right to defend the rights of the farmers whose rights were violated clearly by the very same people who bears his own DNA. I am talking about those people who run Hacienda Luisita.

For Pnoy, it is not right for government to interfere with the worsening labor row between the Philippine Airlines management and PAL employees who have been suffering from unjust labor standards by the flag carrier, just because the airline happens to be owned by Lucio Tan, who supports a popular Senator closely allied with the new administration.

For Pnoy, it is not right for the Department of Energy to intervene or interfere with the acts of the WholeSale Energy Spot Market despite imposing illegal, immoral and unjust electricity rates to distributors like Meralco, which has no choice but to burden consumers with higher rates of electricity.

For Pnoy, it is not right to fire Customs Chief Alvarez despite an evident conflict of interest and lack of performance. Pnoy says he'll fire Alvarez if he underperforms or does not perform at all, especially in the anti-corruption drive. Alvarez has not presented any single big fish involved in smuggling for the past two months and still he is still there.

For Pnoy, it is right to defend DPWH secretary Babes Singson despite his conflicts of interests and his former company involved right now in the bidding for Angat Dam and his lack of interest in fighting the big-time contractors involved in graft and corruption.

For Pnoy, it is right to defend the imposition of VAT on toll ways because of the worsening budget deficit and lack of funds to sustain social programs. For Pnoy, justice is this---since the former regime stole money, the public should be asked to shoulder the costs of corruption by imposing new taxes and imposing VAT on taxes.

For Pnoy, it is better to give back those millions invested by a Malaysian than obey the very stated state policy on taxation by his fellow Filipinos.

Pnoy told us in his State of the Nation address that the former Arroyo administration has used sixty or seventy percent of the 2010 budget and they don't have money anymore.

Instead of what he told us during his campaign that he will not impose taxes and will just mobilize the entire government to go run after tax cheats and smugglers and big time thieves in government, Pnoy right now is staking his 88% political capital to push for something which is patently evil and immoral.

Pnoy is definitely acting like his former professor and one-time political ally, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This is the reason why some people during the inauguration rites, do not want both Aquino and Arroyo riding under one limo.

The evil spirit which inhabited the small body of that charmed lady in these nine years have definitely transfered to the new President.

Even this new administration is using the dictum of what is definitely immoral is definitely legal and what is legal is definitely not moral. Or something as stupid as this.

Evil still lurks in this day and age, and people should remain vigilant. The Big Bosses of Pnoy is definitely not us.

The real bosses of Pnoy are those who have interests in energy, in water, in toll ways, in markets, in groceries, in factories, in hotels, in restaurants, in rice importation, in jueteng, in smuggling, in drugs and in haciendas.

We, the Filipino People, are not "bosses" but just "boses" or "voices". Our sounds of please and pleas, those moans from our sufferings, our aching stomachs and our pleas for a better society for our sons and daughters are just "boses", never to be listened to and suffers the inevitable fate of not being realized.

The only difference I see now is Arroyo morphing into an Aquino. The six letter word which has bastardized our democracy and left us with nothing but shame has morphed into another political name with a higher political capital.

The task of re-building this country is, evidently, not a top priority.

Lastly, take a look at our landscape right now. People's rights are being violated every single day, the promise of Truth and Justice sidelined.

It's business as usual, echoes the words of DPWH secretary Babes Singson, a delicious declaration especially to those who continually rape and pillage this country of its riches and its dignity.

There is no more hope for change, no more avenue for real growth, no more space for democracy, real democracy, to thrive in a so-called "new government" which promises nothing but continued slavery perpetuated by the elites.

This administration is masquerading as a new one, beguiling those young minds whose hopes rest in change for the better, only to be given crumbs and frustrations. The future continues to be bleak, the road to change littered with broken promises.

What is new in our current situation, but new promises being given by new promise breakers and pseudo agents of real change?

This is why social change should not be given to amateurs or petty conos whose concepts differ with that of the people. Let the People transform itself into a motive and potent force and conduct a revolt that will surely eradicate the elites from the face of this earth.