Thursday, September 2, 2010

Early xmas songs and increasing media repression

Ah, so funny.

This administration is desperate. They are trying to stem the growing anger and disappointment of the people by asking media to play xmas songs. My Facebook friend Stanley Palisada's view is right---people are so depressed right now, they are rushing Christmas.

In the previous dispensation, that was the most obvious tactic employed when faced with crises---they asked their media allies to play xmas songs. Some media experts are employing these tactic among other things to try to force the Filipino people to forget about the very serious misconduct committed by several people of this administration.

Everyone knows that Filipinos have short memories. A study last year said that Filipinos tend to forget painful incidents or controversies after 3 to 4 days.

When members of this administration's communication teams were still opposition, they commented rather negatively about the Filipinos' "short-term" memory.

Now, these nincoompoops who now handles Pnoy's communications are trying to employ the same tactics as that of their predecessor. The reality right now is---the more this administration says they are all for change, the more things remain the same.