Thursday, September 30, 2010

People Power morphs into Kabayanihan

Okey. Here it is. Let's look at our real situation today. 

Conrado de Quiros, a known Aquino supporter, wrote a very passionate piece today on how his idol, Noynoy, has lost all appreciation of People Power. De Quiros says that the Aquino government, at this point in time, is really not the government envisioned by those who supported Noynoy during the elections, which, is probably a government run by honest people from the volunteer groups. After a few days in office, Aquino suddenly dismissed these volunteer groups from his sight. 

I don't know if de Quiros really knows the real situation but let me allow him to peek a little bit--there is actually no truth to the rumours that these volunteer groups have dissipated.

Fact is, one such grouping, the Katipuneros, have already morphed into an institution, called the Kabayanihan Foundation Incorporation.

Yes, Conrad, there is still hope. 

Kabayanihan Foundation hopes to actualize People Power. Fact is, its members live and breathe, People Power. And they are guided by the 12 Little Things That Alex Lacson wrote for Filipinos who want to contribute for change in our society.

Kabayanihan taps into the creative sub-conscious of a people dying to see real change. It does not involve government--it engages government as just one of many of its stakeholders and audiences. 

I remember one public intellectual who said that the less government involved in social affairs, the more People rise up to the challenge of change.

Filipinos need to realize one thing--that it is time for them to rely less on government and rely more on collective will and strength. This is the true essence of People Power. And, thankfully, this is not an entirely new concept. 

Centuries ago, our forebears who formed the Katipunan, lived and breathed people power. These Katipuneros struggled and died for what they believed in. And Filipinos of this day and age are also expected to do the same for their country.