Friday, September 10, 2010

President Aquino's Harapan did him more harm than good: Aquino Coverup

Yesterday's Harapan segment pitted President Noynoy Aquino with three anchors from three different TV stations. Based on Facebook and Twitter reactions during the broadcast of the interview, said to be a "no-holds barred" one, that interview gave Aquino more harm than good. Fact is, since it was broadcasted shortly after the conclusion of the fact-finding probe of Justice secretary De Lima, some, including this writer, thinks that it was what we call a "broadcast exoneration".

I really don't know why the Palace decided to pit Aquino, their principal, "to the wolves". I mean, the President did not look nor appeared "presidential" in that interview. He looked harangue, stressed out and clearly, in some instances, lying and trying to hide some facts from us.

For example, the president said "he does not want to pre-empt" the findings of the De Lima commission and promised that "heads will roll."

Yet, thrice did the President cleared the names of his bosom buddy, DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno and that of DILG secretary Jesse Robredo. Puno was questioned by the De Lima panel and admitted before the world, how incompetent he was and still is.

Adding insult to injury, the President again reiterated that Robredo is still "in acting capacity" and therefore, he is spared from all of these despite the very clear signs that Robredo and Puno failed in their duties to provide leadership during the hostage fiasco.

Worse, Aquino continually defended his incompetent communications group. Inspite of the fact that this communications group failed in its objective of shepherding the media during those critical moments, Aquino still defended the incompetency and the ineptitude of the group.

These images stuck in the minds of many yesterday and reminded them of one person who haunted us for nine years---Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Aquino sounded and appeared like Mrs. Arroyo yesterday. And quite frankly, I am not amused.

It is also very sad that Aquino said that he did not mind losing his enormous political capital, something which actually pertains to what we know as "people's trust". Aquino said he is not aspiring to be popular, he just wants things done.

How in the world will his administration accomplish all these things in the proper manner, when Aquino refuses to acknowledge the incompetence of his men and even show tolerance for their foibles.

Why is Aquino so stubborn to admit that his men erred? Why is he covering them up?