Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rico Puno Bagman to be exposed soon

If the Ombudsman and the media personalities are not to be charged, this is not the case for embattled DILG undersecretary Rico Puno.

Puno has been charged by the De Lima Commission as well as charged for receiving jueteng payola by Archbishop Oscar Cruz. 

Puno, who brags his closeness with the President, remains insistent. He claims to be innocent of the charges heaped against him. We know better.

One of Puno's very close classmates and associates is reportedly his bag man. This classmate has been Puno's associate since the 90's and is reportedly the one who has asked for an audience with known big-time jueteng lords. 

This is the same friend whom Puno claims to be very insistent on him meeting the jueteng lords, when, the fact was, he and his associate, according to several intelligence sources, was the one who asked for those meetings.

Likewise, reports are to surface of Puno's associates in the gun selling industry. Several of Puno's close associates are reportedly connected or linked to shady criminal syndicates. 

Puno has lots of explaining to do. Why is Puno not resigning?

Is it because of the 20 million peso contribution of Tonyboy Cojuangco that he is protecting?

I suggest Tonyboy nominates another one to represent him in Aquino's administration. Puno would surely drag him down to hell, and that includes, Aquino.