Sunday, September 19, 2010

St. Francis of Assisi Mobile College

A good friend, EQ said that you can't help the poor by being poor. Good point. There are, however, instances, EQ when you can help the poor, even if you don't have any penny in your pocket.

Be their teacher. Be someone who will not only give them something to eat, give them the tools and the knowledge how to get food.

I have a project in mind. According to my research, there are only 3 high school students who will get themselves in college. Three out of 6. Reason? Poverty.

EQ, bear me on this.

I am thinking of setting up a mobile college, which has the authority to issue diplomas certified by the Commission on Higher Education. I call this my St. Francis of Assisi Mobile College Educational Program or St. Francis of AMCEP.

I intend to encourage my colleagues in different industries and professions to come together and lend their time teaching poor, yet deserving students who want to finish a college course. We could start by filing an accreditation of the program as an educational institution which offers at least two (2) courses, either a pre-law or an engineering course. I have friends who are engineers already who can probably lend their free time teaching these poor students.

Maintaining a mobile school is costly, so I figured, why not ask the barangay to lend them their basketball courts and transform them into weekly college classrooms.

If you're interested to join, I will be very willing to welcome you to the group.