Sunday, October 3, 2010

56 minutes with Health Justice Philippines

Admittedly, I almost forgot last night's bloggers' roundtable. I was busy buying my electronic cigarette in Greenhills that I forgot that I have a meeting with guys serious on helping suckers like me get rid of this dangerous habit of smoking cigarettes. 

Forgetfulness seems another cigarette smoker sucker's disease. Aside from weakening your body, cigarette smoke deadens your brain. Time to really get rid of these toxic fumes preventing my brain nerves from functioning normally.

Anyway, I was glad I attended the roundtable. For fifty six minutes, these guys prevented me from smoking. And mind you, they did not do anything spectacular. None of them danced. None of them tried to coerce me from dropping the habit pronto. None even went to say that I smell awful. 

We just talked. And for 56 minutes I felt bliss.

Attorney Theodore Te was there. I'm glad that he did not recognize me as the guy behind the Rosebud expose or the guy who signed the last impeachment against Arroyo. He was there basically as a former smoker who now gives his precious time fighting the demons dressed in business suits (and I mean the tobacco company men).

These demons are trying to circumvent Administrative order 2010-0013 of the Department of Health. They are doing so in the name of suckerism. Yes, suckerism. They want to sucker everybody up by preventing us from looking at photos and graphic pictures of their victims. And these victims are definitely not laughing. They are all in the throes of death.

I admit--many times I wanted to go out of the room and smoke. Yet the discussions were quite interesting and the food heavenly, that I sat there, consuming all those delicious beef, tea, seafood, mushrooms and everything my chopsticks could get,  that 56 minutes went by without me noticing that I did not even get one stick and light. 

Smokers have this habit of lighting a cigarette especially after eating a meal at Hap Chan. This is the first time that a smoker did not. 

This is also the first time that I discussed social matters with people who don't smoke. Usually, I go to serious meetings with my revolutionary colleagues and each and every time I do so, I really think that someone or maybe the government knew there was such a meeting. The place was smoking. 

It's good to light a cigarette while doing intellectual masturbation. It makes your brain work doubly hard. IMagine all those toxic fumes in your brain. You'll definitely get a new and bright idea since you're punishing your brain to think double or triple or faster while smoking and suffocating your brain with smoke. 

Anyway, hearing other people's experience when they were smokers gives me the chance to really consider dropping the habit altogether. 

Opps....pardon me, but I did not realize that I was writing this piece while smoking a Black bat. Wow. And you know why? My electronic cigarette failed me.