Friday, October 1, 2010

Aleccia--Rockin with rockin sense

Don't get me wrong--Jazz is not just something which I discovered years ago. I love Jazz. It's just that, I discovered rock earlier than Buddha Bar or Angela Bofil.

Fact is, when my mother was rocking my cradle, rock n' roll music waifs in the air. 

Call me traditionalist but I love the thing that The Doors, The Rolling Stones, U2, or AC-DC dish out. These acts ooze with so much talent and they sing their songs with so much passion that creativity oozes from their nostrils. I mean, they're hot. 

These bands started out as younglings with so much funk and so much talent that they re-created the scene. They're the iconoclasts of my age. They continue to spin their magic with music audiences around the world. 

This same feeling I felt when I heard Aleccia. Yes, this is not a foreign act. This is purely Pinoy. And Pinoy rock, rocks!

Their story begins with talent. Not the kind of talent you see in local talent searches and noontime shows, but the kind of talent coupled with passion and desire to create music. Music is something which the boys of Aleccia are not new to.
Aleccia is the brainchild of brothers Adrian and Arvin Agulto, an alternative rock band with post-hardcore and pop-rock sensibilities. Aleccia was formed in 2008, Adrian recruited his college classmate Joie Seng to be their bassist. Arvin, later on, invited Jerome Abello to play drums and Jeremy Ilagan joined the group just recently to play guitars.

They are not new to the gig circuit as they had been playing gigs in local clubs and bars, for the past years.

Their influences include Glassjaw, Envy on the Coast, Silverchair, Daphne Loves Derby and Foo Fighters. Hopefully, we will hear them after they finish their album in 2011.