Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Magdalo soldiers deserve freedom

Even without Proclamation 50 which announces the grant of amnesty to the "Magdalo" soldiers, the fact remains--they will get their day in court. They will get justice. Why? Because it was evident that what they did was not illegal nor criminal. There was no coup d'etat.

Some public intellectuals say the proclamation would set a very bad precedent. I don't believe so. The action of these soldiers was not unconstitutional. No. It was well within their rights to express themselves, even in such a weird situation, as going to a hotel to do it. 

The implications of such a proclamation would actually be beneficial for the country. It aims to make a closure to the issue. This, I think, is one of the best decisions of Aquino.

However, is this a way to appease the military? Of course not. The Magdalos are just a part of the organization. It would not serve as a deterrent for other groups with personal political motives to move against the administration, if they so desire.