Monday, October 18, 2010

Megi is an opportunity for Filipinos everywhere to unite

President Noynoy Aquino has just ordered all government contingency teams to look after the welfare of people who will be affected by super typhoon Megi. Packing winds of about 250 kilometers per hour, meteorologists even of China described Megi as the strongest typhoon ever this year. 

Megi, which turns into Juan when it enters the Philippine area of responsibility, barreled towards Northern Luzon last night. Pagasa expects it to hit landfall by today. Affected areas have been placed with their corresponding typhoon signals. 

Aside from government, people, especially private companies, should also be ready. We must not allow government to just be the one who will shoulder the cost of helping our fellow Filipinos. I urge every one, every single Filipino, to be ready and be involved in reconstruction when this typhoon hits us. We should help Filipinos in the Northern provinces who are expected to be affected by this super typhoon. 

This is the most opportune time for us to show our unity as a people. In many instances in the past, we have shown the world how we Filipinos exercise Kabayanihan. 

Kabayanihan, an inherent Filipino trait, is an example of how Filipinos love their fellow men. Kabayanihan is an admirable trait which we Filipinos should always exercise not just when there's a contingency like this. It should always be our daily ritual in life, to help others who are far lesser in life than us.