Monday, November 15, 2010

Bus Operators should be arrested and jailed due to strike

Today started like hell. 

Thousands of abusive bus operators and drivers launched their strike against the MMDA policy of imposing the number coding scheme. MMDA implemented the said traffic scheme to ease traffic in Metro Manila. 

Bus operators say they have the right to oppose the said policy. The strike caused humongous traffic in many parts of the metropolis. Chaos ensued as pedestrians filled the streets, waiting for their buses. 

LRT and MRT are packed to their maximum capacities, while MMDA promised to provide free ferries but until about 8:30 in the morning today, no salvation in sight. 

I disagree.

Operators are just given the privilege, not the right, to ply the routes in Metro Manila. It is well within the rights of the MMDA to impose such a scheme.

President Aquino should not back down in this showdown against these abusive bus operators and drivers. 

This is probably the time when government should put its foot down and arrest and jail these economic saboteurs. 

These big bus operators should be arrested from their homes, slapped with criminal and civil charges and their licenses and permits to operate be revoked.

This number coding should be implemented in Metro Manila. Buses should be the ones who must be imposed such a scheme, not private vehicles. The odd-even scheme is best enough for private vehicles. But for abusive bus operators, they should not be given a nice treatment. There is a limit to one's rights, and when franchises are being discussed, this is clearly a privilege not an inherent right.