Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For Jay Jaboneta and the Filipino Youth: The Filipino is worth serving for

Jay Jaboneta, a fellow Kabayani, shared this story written by Francis Kong. I deemed it wise to publish it here in my blog for my friends and my readers. 

Jay, I know sometimes you feel unappreciated, and sometimes you feel that nothing will happen with all the things you're doing right now for the people. But hear this:

" There is nothing in this world that passes the ear of God. God hears and God sees the wondrous works of His children."

We, all have different functions in this life. Some, like me, write not to chastise but as a critique. I am but a friend who writes things not to malign somebody but to tell them that things are not going the way we intend it to go, and these friends must wake up before perdition sets in.

To those idealists who work right now in the new administration and finds the enemy real and bigger than what we previously think it is, know this:

" There will be a time when all of these things will pass. There will be a time when true change will happen in this country. It is just a matter of time. 

" What we lost as a people, and this is the Truth, we will regain in due time. We lost our moral compass. We lost our ability to imagine beautiful things. We lost our romanticism. We lost our trust to ourselves. And as Inday Varona remarked in Facebook, we are now seeing a blurring of what is right and what is wrong.

" But, if we will only find time to see how wonderful the Filipino truly is, if we only realize the great potential of the Filipino that lurks within him, and if we only can peer into the future and see that the moment has come for the Filipino to rise above his condition right now, we will definitely be proud of being servants of the People."

What many Pinoys do not realise is this---there are still several idealists working in government right now, young minds and young souls such as Jay Jaboneta who really want change to happen in our lifetimes. 

Jay leads hundreds of others who want to work within the system to change it. There are thousands however, outside the system, who realize the immensity of the problem and therefore, resolved within themselves that the solution is really the total overhauling of the system, not its redemption.

Change, will definitely happen, if the Filipino re-discovers himself. Change will definitely see a New Dawn, if we struggle to regain the traditional values which define us, Filipinos.

I remember what Atty. Fred Mison said last night---the Filipino is inherently cheerful, friendly, smart, brilliant, a change agent, brave, patriotic and helpful. These values show themselves before the world whenever there's a calamity.

THe goal therefore, of all those who are sincere in their desire to change this country for the better is this:

" Try to unite with groups such as the Kabayanihan Foundation. Together, let us create the environment wherein we Filipinos would be able to show our true values, our true personal worth and thereafter, create beautiful things together.

" The Filipino, really, is worth serving for."

On to the story by Francis Kong.

When envy takes over
BUSINESS MATTERS (BEYOND THE BOTTOM LINE) By Francis J. Kong (The Philippine Star) Updated November 13, 2010 12:00 AM Comments (0) View comments

A greedy man and an envious man were walking down a road when a stranger befriended them. Before the stranger left, he told them that he would leave a gift for each one of them. The stranger’s gifts were: A wish come true for the first one to make a wish; and for the second one, a double portion of what the first had wished for. The greedy man knew what he wanted, but he was afraid to make his wish because he wanted the double portion for himself and didn’t want the other to get it. The envious man felt the same way so he was also unwilling to wish first. After a while, the stronger of the two grabbed the other by the throat and said that he would choke him to death unless he makes his wish. At that, the other man said, “Very well! I make my wish – I wish to be made blind in one eye.” Immediately he lost the sight of one eye, and his companion went blind in both. Greed and envy are the perfect twins for courting disaster in life.
F. B. Meyer was pastor of Christ’s Church in London at the same time that G. Campbell Morgan was pastor of Westminister Chapel and Charles H. Spurgeon was pastor of the Metropolitan Chapel. Both Morgan and Spurgeon often had audiences much larger than Meyer did. Troubled by envy, Meyer confessed that not until he began praying for his colleagues did he have peace of heart. “When I prayed for their success,” said Meyer, “the result was that God filled their churches so full that the overflow filled mine, and it has been full since.”
At least Meyer did the right thing. Unfortunately most people I know do not. Rather than praying for the success of others, they wish those others will fail, and some would even go out of their way to plot and scheme the destruction of the people they envy.
Have you ever tasted success? I bet you have. And have you ever experienced losing some of your “friends” because they’ve become your enemies after witnessing your success? True friends celebrate our successes and are not bothered or threatened by it. Poser friends are not only bothered or threatened – some of them may even go nasty, hurling unfair accusations and throwing mud to malign your name and credibility.
Jerome P. Fleishman says, “Always there will be, along the sidelines of life, inferior souls who throw mud at those whose attainments they do not quite understand. The man who really accomplishes doesn’t pay attention to such detractors. If he did, he’d be on their level. He keeps an eye singled on the higher goal – and the mud never touches him.”
Meanwhile, Judith Jamison says: “So many people dwell on negativity and I’ve survived by ignoring it: it dims your light and it’s harder each time to turn the power up again.”
Do not play the same game mud throwers play. Popular TV morning show host Bernadette Sembrano once told me something I will never forget. She said, “In our business we have been at the receiving end of endless intrigues, false accusations and mud-throwing. And if you are experiencing the same thing then welcome to the club. But always remember this: people who know you would not believe the mud thrown against you, and people who do not know you don’t even care, so why sweat the small stuff?” What great words of wisdom.
What is envy? Envy is simply greed directed at others who have what we want! And what’s wrong with greed? Greed will get you what you want but will rob you of what you already have.
It’s important to develop the ability to celebrate other people’s success and remove envy out of our hearts in order to succeed. Losers want others to fail so they can succeed. Winners want everyone to succeed, and then challenge themselves to perform better every day. A Greek proverb says, “As rust corrupts iron, so envy corrupts man.”
Set your standards on God’s grace and mercies. Then learn to give thanks in whatever situation you find yourself in. And when someone else experiences success, learn to celebrate with them. In doing so, you already become successful!
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