Saturday, November 20, 2010

Philippine Tourism Campaign Fiasco: In Defense

After drawing so much flak on the alleged plagiarization done by the advertising agency Campaigns and Grey for the Department of Tourism creative logo design (which detractors say they copied from the Polish Tourism Ad), here is what Tourism secretary Bertie Lim said in defense:

"Lim countered that although there were similarities with Poland’s tourism motif, there were differences too.
No copyright on font
“First of all, Poland doesn’t have a copyright on the font,” he told the Inquirer by phone on Friday. “What looks very much alike is the font, but if you look at the colors, they used one color, we used several colors.”
“We have a coconut tree, they don’t. We have a tarsier, they don’t. We have ‘Kay Ganda,’ they don’t,” he pointed out." see


That's the problem with this administration. They already admitted they plagiarized and they already know they committed a grave error, why not admit it publicly and say that they will do something to replace it? I mean, these people probably have so big an ego, they can't seem to accept the fact that they erred in this issue.

How in the world can we really implement a straight road policy when the very implementors of such a policy does not even know what or how straight that road should be?