Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tourism secretary Bertie Lim sees Grey in Campaign

Okey, okey, Poland is not exactly pronounced as "Philippines" and Waleska seems too different from Wala Ka or "waley", but hey, we can still see the similarity, do we?

Poland is definitely one country in Europe while the Philippines is sited in the tropics. If you ask Tourism secretary Bertie Lim and Undersecretary Emong Romano, Poland and the Philippines are the same--they all have the letter "P" as "capital".

What's surprising though--when someone googles the word "Pilipinas", it goes to a porn site. When one googles "Poland", it re-directs to an FPJ site. Strange.

Fact is, in the minds of Bertie and Emong, both Poland and the Philippines are the same. They want nothing more than entice people who want to go to Poland to consider the Philippines instead.

And look at these logos---they appear the same, they look the same, but one says Filipinas are beautiful and the other one, well, pols ka, meaning politico ka, or something.

Seriously, Campaigns and Grey, the ad agency tasked to promote Philippine tourism should not only be banned from getting more clients--they should be slapped with plagiarism.

Campaigns and Grey should even be exiled abroad, since plagiarism has no place in the creative world. Plagiarists are plain and simple feeble minded people who are so lazy to imagine things for their client, they leave it to the Internet to do their work.

And mind you, this logo costs millions of pesos.

The Department of Tourism logo, for me, is valued at ten pesos. I can do it with one PC, with an Adobe Pagemaker or a Photoshop and I'll even give them something better. I mean it.

And somebody from Campaigns and Grey would really defend themselves and say that hey, we did'nt plagiarize. It was the Poles who did.

And if many demand for the heads of Emong and Bertie Lim, someone, probably Noynoy would say that he has full trust in the capabilities of his men and he stands behind them.