Friday, December 10, 2010

Amazing Pinoys finished 1st on Amazing Race Asia

My friend Ivan at the background.
He competed with his Malaysian wife
Don't frown. The contest is not as glamorous as Manny Pacman Pacquiao's prized fights, but I'm sure damned proud that we finally won the Amazing Race Asia. I say even prouder still than what Pacman got. 

When a boxer wins, he wins it for himself. When some guys win this one, they win it really, and literally, for their country. 

Amazing Race Asia pits teams from different countries in Asia in one helluva race. The first season we nearly won. This time, the fourth, was the sweetest. It made me really proud as a Filipino.

Richard Herrera and Richard Hardin thought they would never win the challenge. It was tough. It was gruelling. It was "sick and sadistic", as one of them described it. They nearly lost in the Indonesian leg but when given the second time around, they pushed harder and aimed higher. They rarely fought each other and had tremendous camaraderie and communication. That's why they won.

This win was so sweet for me as a Filipino because this is no damn ordinary race. The race involves a lot of things, mainly intellectual, mental and even moral toughness. You got to have the right mental attitude, not just the physical strength, to win this race. You got to be a team player, someone who will sacrifice oneself for the sake of the team. Team playing is the secret to winning the Amazing Race Asia.

These two guys, Richard Herrera and Richard Hardin, proved to all, that we really have what it takes to win every life's challenge. We're not just world-class, we're simply, a class of our own. Look at the past winners of the Amazing Race Asia, and no one was as good looking as ours. We're not only winners---we're even the most beautiful competitors around Asia.  

Now that we already dominated Asia, it's time to look at the bigger things. One of the Richards, I think, is thinking of joining the Amazing Race in the UNited States. Go get em guys!