Thursday, December 9, 2010

Executive Order No. 1: Overhauling a Political Supreme Court

Reacting on the recent Supreme Court decision declaring Executive Order no. 1 as "unconstitutional", Justice secretary Leila de Lima described the Court as a no longer ruling on doctrines but now as a political Supreme Court. 

De Lima said, and let me quote her:

“The voting by the members of the court on political questions, namely, on actions of the Aquino administration against the past administration, readily shows that the lines which now divide decision-making in the court are principally political and no longer doctrinal,” she said.
De Lima stressed that “equal protection applies within a class, not between a few who stole and abused, and the many from whom they stole and whom they abused.”
She noted that while the Constitution prevents the appointment of Supreme Court justices by only one Chief Executive, a “loophole” in the Constitution “prevailed” that enabled Arroyo to pack the high tribunal with her appointees.

A political Supreme Court has no place in a democracy. 

A political Supreme Court should be expunged from our society. 

I ask all Patriots of the New Generation to rise up. Let us meet and tackle what is to be done at this point. Time to recreate the institution which is supposed to dispense justice but is now, dispensing politics.