Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nuclear power revival, spearheaded by GMA

While we all slumber, there is now an ongoing petition to revive the mothballed Bataan Nuclear power plant. And Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo leads the way.

Arroyo is intending (or probably has filed already) to spark debate on the Bataan Nuclear power plant revival. Big businessmen are behind the move also. Arroyo intends to get a sizeable number to support her legislative agenda.

Nothing wrong with reviving Nuclear power, the question is, are we really ready for this one? Are we ready with the environmental implications of maintaining such a plant? Do we have the technical people to man this facility and are we ready with our security team? Do we have contingency plans in place?

If we intend to advance to the 21st century, we need to get enough of our power needs at a fraction of the cost that our neighbours do. Nuclear power affords that luxury to us.

We need a cost-efficient way of satisying our energy needs. We need to transition from a coal-based power plant, which is very expensive to maintain, to a more cost-efficient yet more powerful energy system.

Going nuclear is really the way to go, the debate really lies on the extent of our preparedness. Solar power is still decades away from nuclear. Our hydroelectric power plants, unfortunately, do not have enough power or force strong enough to really generate the volume of power our industries need in order to progress.