Friday, April 8, 2011

25% of Filipinos hungry? I can't believe it--Noynoy Aquino

Noynoy: Can't believe people
are hungry
The latest Social Weathers' Survey shows twenty five percent of Filipinos have gone hungry at least once in the last couple of months, and President Noynoy Aquino can't seem to believe it. 

Aquino, whose ratings continue to slide, disputed the SWS findings and even accused the data as "flawed". How can this be, says Aquino, when we gave 400,000 poor people from the Visayas and Mindanao money for them to spend on food. Had these people been asked, the survey, says Aquino, would have been different.

Yes, I agree--the results would have been larger and bigger. I doubt it if its only 25% of the people are hungry. This could be more. 

I understand where the President is coming from. When you're ensconced in that dark palace called Malacanang, everything you hear would definitely be different from what's happening on the ground. The President is not being advised correctly by his advisers. Of course, all news that gets the President's ears would  definitely be screened by his closest advisers.

These advisers would not tell the President that more and more people are losing sleep over their small salaries and bigger expenditures. These advisers would definitely tell the President that the people are still "surviving" and that those staggering oil price hikes and rising prices of goods are "nothing". People are still alive, and they're still buying. 

This is bad, very bad for Noynoy. This writer already told this new administration that this crisis is really turning from bad to worse. People are already losing hope very fast and it is not surprising to see these people militating against Noynoy in the streets very soon.

It is time to lift the veil that hides the president's eyes from reality. Many people are dying of hunger right now---all 23 million of us---because this administration still thinks that the purchasing power of the peso is still as strong as other currencies. Inflation is big, and the value of the peso has diminished considerably. 

Mr. President, it is time to get out of your fantasy island and start really doing good things for the country. Otherwise, I have a fearless forecast---Aquino would just last 1 year and a half in his term.