Thursday, April 7, 2011

Communism dying in the Philippines?

Government peace negotiator Alex Padilla says Facebook and the Internet are decimating the ranks of the Communists. Padilla says the Party is just unable to recruit the best students, and has relegated itself in recruiting out-of-school youths.

I doubt what Padilla said. It is not the Youth that the Establishment should actually fear. No. It is the awakening of my generation, the 40 plus people--it is US that the Establishment must be wary about.

Fact is, Padilla should be deathly worried because the Internet has been, and always will be, not just an outlet for many disgusted of this government but also a disseminator of the Marxist ideology. 

Padilla should be worried that a great deal of people have spoken against, and have changed their life's perceptions because of the Internet. People are not just aware of the various issues affecting governance, but also, have been convinced of what the CPP-NPA-NDF has said four decades ago--the root cause of the problem lies in the very system adopted by Philippine society. 

Padilla should also be very worried because the Party is actually turning out to be more of the proletarian party than anything else. The fact that it is recruiting among the workers' ranks show that the Party is transforming into a true worker's party, something which I can't say with the intelligentsia composition of the Party right now or forty years ago. 

Fact is, I am in the opinion that this Party will eventually morph into a more hardline party when it completes its generational succession. 

Many of those recruited by the Party have a very strong ideological foundation, something not really evident when the first generation of Party leaders succeeded the Party.

I believe that a true Socialist Party would spring from the ashes of the old one. This Party will become the vanguard of the oppressed and the poor people. It will not be guided by the Youth, rather, it will be guided by the true representatives of the workers, something which was not evident from the first generation of leaders of the Party.

A true Socialist Party does not need ideologues nor armchair revolutionaries. As what Lenin said, only seven dedicated cadres can destroy a system. This will eventually happen a few years from now, when the thousands of poppies blossom into flowers.