Friday, April 29, 2011

Ombudsman Gutierrez resigns: Close Arroyo associates are jumping ship

In an emotional speech before the Philippine media, embattled Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez announced her resignation. Hours before, Gutierrez visited Malacanang and handed her resignation letter over to President Noynoy Aquino. Aquino graciously accepted the resignation.

Gutierrez said that she resigned to spare the nation, especially the Senate and the Congress, of their time. However, sources say that Gutierrez resigned due to anxiety attacks and family pressure. 

Sources say the Gutierrez impeachment is expected to open a Pandora's box of previous anomalies committed by the Arroyo administration. 

Deep sources revealed that prior to the resignation, there were feelers sent by the Arroyo camp to the Aquino camp on the possibility of a "truce" on these anomalies. The agreement says that the Aquino camp agreed that Gutierrez must tender her resignation first.

Several close Arroyo associates, reports say, have "crossed over" the Aquino fence and are willing to spill the beans against the Arroyos. Even a very close attorney who always speak for and behalf of the Arroyos have also taken the leap.

Some of those involved in these anomalies have volunteered to provide information on the dealings made by the Arroyo gang, including those made by First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. Several have already packed their bags and went to Hongkong where an Aquino associate is waiting for them to negotiate their terms.

With Gutierrez out, there is no more way to publicly reveal these anomalous deals, that was the strategy.

However, several close Aquino associates plan to seriously prosecute Arroyo who is now abroad. The plan, deep sources say, is for Arroyo to be incarcerated before the year ends.