Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prosecutors League and the quest for a New Philippine Society

Prosecutors are the frontliners in the fight against graft and corruption and rising criminality. They are the ones who keep the peace, who gets what and which, and who really gets it. 

Important really now that our prosecutors live and breathe like public servants, meaning, fearing none but the law, yes, only the Law.

Most prosecutors who attended the Prosecutors League of the Philippines gathering at General Santos City are mostly my age, my generation. Yes, they are an idealistic lot. Fact is, I know most of them, either as classmates or as longtime friends from the movement. 

Noynoy with prosecutors
Prosecutors (for some, "Fiscals) work under the Department of Justice. Let me briefly explain. If you have something against someone, the first person you'll go to is the Prosecutor. The prosecutor determines if you have a cause of action against the other person. If there's a case, then, he files it in court. If there's nothing there, then, he renders his decision. 

That's why if prosecutors are guillible, or lazy in their work or they are easily bribed, expect the rate of criminality increased because those who deserve jail time remains in the lam. 

Noynoy giving speech before prosecutors
Conventions like this 23rd National Convention of the Porsecutor's League of the Philippines: Pursuing The Path of Justice Towards Effective Governance"  reminds prosecutors of their solemn duty to Country and People--that duty is to uphold the law, whatever costs or sacrifice it entails upon his personal self.

Prosecutors are the People's first line of defense against graft and corruption and rising criminality. If prosecutors are doing their jobs, expect a more peaceful and more just society. 

Lately, several controversies hugged the ranks of the prosecutors, particularly that of the Alabang Boys episode. Several prosecutors were identified as those who got money from the accused.

I just hope that these kinds of prosecutors would not really populate the ranks that much. I mean, I hope those kinds of prosecutors whose decisions can be bought, should re-think their individual lots and consider the general welfare more than others.

For example, drug addiction remains a very serious problem, and why? Because drug lords roam the streets nay without fear. Most of these scumbags have been arrested before. They still enjoy their freedoms and why? Because of some Fiscal or some judge who decided to free them. 

Time to change all that please, so that we see the changes we want in our society.