Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sick for a week but it felt good

still sick
I've been sick for a week, or more. Yep, my tonsils just gave up on me and I was left with nothing, no voice, and had difficulty eating. 

But, you know what? Despite all the hurt, all the pain, it made me stronger. Yep. 

No eating means not smoking. I had'nt smoked since last week. And it feeels good. 

Its good that I did'nt smoke. I felt good. I feel not compelled to do anything. 

My nights were nightmares. I woke up at night with visions, what with a 4o degree fever. I felt cold despite neither having the air conditioner nor electric fans. I thought there was one on, but there was'nt. 

I just drank wheatgrass, liquid form yes, and mangoes. It felt real good. 

I drank plenty of fluids, mostly juices. 

I gargled warm water with rock salt in it, and it felt real good. 

I had this since I was a kid. When tonsilitis strikes me, it makes me weak. But not this time.

I don't know if I lost pounds, but I sure feel cleansed inside. 

This is a valuable lesson for me---that which makes us weak actually makes us stronger afterwards. Our body was made to react on new things. When our body adapts, the adaptation makes us stronger. 

Now, I feel that I have a new soul. Yep.