Thursday, April 28, 2011


The True State of the Nation: Welcome former
masters, welcome!
NOW, the true face of this administration is beginning to show. Unfortunately, those who are expected by the People to represent them in their struggle against oppressive, corporatist, pro-Capitalist and pro Neo Imperialist governments such as these, remain "star-struck" and "cooperative" with the pseudo-nationalist leader.

Two U.S. senators Dan Inouye and Cochran visited Subic. They were very specific in their visit--they want a review of the facilities in Subic due to the possibility of it being used extensively by the US forces. Reason? There is a delay in the construction and improvement of US naval facilities in Guam.

These legislators intend to include the possibility of extensive use of Subic in the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

There is nothing wrong with temporary visits. What is wrong is the term "extensive use" of Subic facilities. After the withdrawal of the U.S. forces, Subic was transformed into an international port. Many companies made it as a manufacturing hub. With the possibility of the US military occupying most of Subic, this international port will actually become a military base once more. 

This will affect the status of Subic as a "neutral" international port. Imagine, the US military unloading their war materiel alongside "civilian" goods and assets. Likewise, how will the Philippine government deal with the presence of nuclear weapons? The Philippine Constitution prohibits the presence of such weapons of mass destruction in its territory. 

This will definitely alter or disturb the current security situation in the entire region. One, the force configuration in the world today has changed drastically since the 90's. The U.S. is not the sole superpower in the world right now. Fact is, China is there and the number of so called "rogue states" have increased and many of them are anti-U.S. and they are just neighbours of the Philippines. 

This will change the status of the Philippines from a "neutral" state into a supporter of a superpower with diminished powers and status.

With so many states as "enemies", the U.S. is more vulnerable now than before. A re-installation of the US military presence in Subic will again transform the area into a dangerous fly zone. Subic will again be the center of tremendous conflict and controversy. Insurgent groups within the area will re-activate once again, and the possibility of a Subic attack by terrorists is not as far-fetched as what analysts think.

If a regional war strikes, surely, Subic will be included in the list of those states desirous of attacking or debilitating the U.S. The possibility of a nuclear attack on Subic is not as remote as others think, what with a new force alignment in the world today.

The Aquino administration has morphed and has shown its true face: a promoter of neo-liberalist economics that favor Capital instead of labor, a government that is not listening to the people, a government that is being managed by technocrats and eventually, a government that is subservient not to the Filipino interests, but of neo-Imperialism.

This must be stopped at all costs by those who love the Philippines. These years of re-inventing this country, years of re-constructing the very pillars of democracy to conform with local concepts will all be deconstructed with just one stroke of an Imperialist pen.