Friday, April 8, 2011

Willie Revillame and Noynoy Aquino

Willie Revillame, the controversial host of a show that reportedly exploits the poor and little kids, claims to know how to entertain the poor. Ask them to show whatever talent they have, and even if its soo poorly executed, you will give them 5,000. Is that 5,000 pesos your way of appreciating them? No. 

What you are teaching them is something exploitative. You are promoting a very bad thing: encouraging mediocracy. One dance and the poor guy gets 5,000. If you don't know, Mr. Revillame, watch your own show. People laugh when they see a poor guy dancing or singing even if they're not singers. 

The Willing Wili and that show that preceded it, Wowowee, sends a very wrong signal to our kids: be mediocre and you have 5,000 pesos.
Is that what the poor wanted? 

Willie presumes that he's giving entertainment, but what he does not know is he is abetting their poverty even the poverty of the poor's spirits when you urge them to show some talent in exchange for money.

Mr. Revillame, when thousands of people militated against you online, they were doing so because they saw that what you did with that poor child, Jan-Jan. How in the world would one claim to implement a very pro-poor show when it exploits the weaknesses of the poor. 

Conversely, even Philippine president Noynoy Aquino claims the same thing: how could it be possible that half of the Philippine sectoral economyjust suddenly rose from the dead. 

Aquino can't believe that poverty incidence has reached alarming programs. Out there in his exclusive room at Bahay na Pangarap, Aquino can't seem to reconcile the fact that there are masny more poor folks out there just baring making it out every single day.

Aquino said the SWS survey is wrong because they just asked some respondents never those 400,000 whom they gave money to pay for their necessities. 

Aquino claims that the SWS survey is not completely accurate because Aquino says, they did not include the 400,000 or so benefits of Pantawid program. 

Both folks don't know what they are really doing. Those hundreds which Revillame gives money to, are the most desperate of the lot. 

For Revillame, there are thousands even millions out there who needs help. 

For Aquino, he simply cannot believe that more than 23 million Filipinos eat just once every single day and even none at all once every month. 

Lift the veil that hides your eyes, Mr. President. There's a long line of those waiting for your help. And they are waiting for nothing.