Friday, May 20, 2011

Bachelor President presents big national security problem

President Noynoy Aquino probably does not know it and he seems to relish the idea of him being touted as the country's most eligible bachelor but, really, he must be extremely concerned. 

For one, being without a steady serious date or relationship is harmful not just for Noynoy's reputation but also for the security of this country.

One, Noynoy is vulnerable to temptations. Yes, he is. Look at him. He changes dates and women like he's changing his clothes, a bad example. 

A President who is a slave of his passions or emotions is easily swayed, and trapped by bad karma.

What if a big businessman with a very bad plan for the country creates a trap for Noynoy? Or, someone with a multi-billion peso project waiting for his signature just suddenly thinks of entrapping him by introducing Noynoy to a woman?

We all know his weakness--beautiful, mestiza-looking, slim, big breasted and simply dressed Filipinas. What if somebody lays a trap to this President, introduces Noynoy to a "Matahari", kills her and blames her death to Noynoy?

Or what if one of the dates just suddenly cries rape, what now, Mr. President? Possible? Of course it is. Or a date just suddenly cries harassment or blackmails the President? Have you dumbwits from the Palace Communications team ever thought of this possibility?

Just look at that picture of the President and his aides enjoying a Hotdog concert while millions of Filipinos wallow in hunger and extreme poverty.

This bunch of nitwits are really not that mindful of the public's feelings. While their president barhops with his "latest date", millions of Filipinos suffer from mismanagement and ill governance. 

Is this the price we pay for supporting a pseudo-leader?