Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sadistic Cat Killer gets Court Slap

21 year old Joseph Carlo Candere, the sophomore student of the University of the Philippines in Manila who blogged how he killed a cat, escaped jailtime. A Manila Trial Court however, gave him more than that---the court ordered him to take care of abandoned and sick cats.

For a sadist like Candere, and a confessed cat hater and serial killer, that is more than he could chew. Imagine, taking care of cats which he finds despicable, that's torture--plain and simple. Its like Candere being pulled by his tailbone and being thrown right at the window. Ouch.

Candere admits finding pleasure at inflicting tremendous pain to cats before killing them. It makes him high. It makes his day special. Thats why the court wants to help him by appointing him Cat guardian instead of mass murderer.

I hope Candere realizes his mistake, before the Big Cats get him.