Monday, May 9, 2011


I will support the Reproductive Health bill being peddled by Congressman Edcel Lagman and Congresswoman Garin if they will agree to scrap the two (2) billion pesos proposed fund of the bill. 

That two billion pesos are intended to buy condoms and contraceptives through a bidding at the Department of Health (DOH). That will be a major source of corruption. 

According to insiders, two groups, one a dummy by a former health secretary, are now preparing for the bidding of the contraceptives. They even hired a PR firm to manage the crisis. 

The group wants to control the bidding and procurement of the contraceptives.

I warn the Filipino People against this bill simply on the basis that several corrupt people will rake in billions worth of profits because of this bill. 

This bill will not lower our population, nor will it solve the present problem of poverty in our country, no.

Poverty is the manifestation of inadequate or mismanagement of our resources and graft and corruption. Do not blame the people if they are poor.

I admit that most provisions of the bill will benefit the women and the Filipino Family. However, what really pisses me off is the FIDUCIARY ASPECT of the bill. 

This proves that lobby money from condom companies are making the rounds. This is unacceptable.