Thursday, May 19, 2011

So what if Noynoy Aquino has a bunny for a date?

After Korina, Bernadette, Shalani, Liz and another one, a flight stewardess, comes a Bunny. The question is--do we care?

There's an interesting opinion written by the editorial team of the see link here

I agree--the problem is not about Noynoy Aquino dating so many women--the problem is he's spending so much time looking out for a date that he forgets he's president and there are so many things to do.

Besides, the danger lurks every single time.

What if, as what that article over at suggest, a big businessman comes out and introduces a Matahari to Aquino. Everyone knows that women are Aquino's weaknesses. 

A Cleo nearly toppled the Roman empire; same goes to a Helen who led Troy's ruin.

The possibility of that happening exists or probably, this happened already in the past?

It is not right for the Communications Team to always spread the news about the president's weakness about women. 

This, really, is a national security concern. Why brandie the president's weakness every single time?

We are not amused. It's only the palace that is amused by this.

They want to picture Aquino as a lady's man so that we forget all his foibles, all his indiscretions and all his mismanagement and his forgetfulness and his bad working habits.

We don't want babies. We need a man at the helm of things.

As what my friend, Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr always say:

" You can fool the people once. But you can't fool the people every single time."

We're way past thinking of Aquino as a Pinoy Obama. He's not--unfortunately.