Friday, June 3, 2011


A highly reliable source within the palace disclosed that Ping de Jesus and Benigno Aquino III's meeting last Monday was far from cordial. Several witnesses say both men were nearly shouting at each other.

The source (who refuses to be identified) says Ping de Jesus was persuaded to resign following several attempts made by close Aquino associates who reportedly want a slice off (read: COMMISSION) several pending projects at the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC). 

De Jesus confided to the source that he was sick and tired of confronting these people coming to his office, using allegedly the name of the president to get a slice off those deals. 

Several of these deals included the purchase of radar equipment for the airport, the NAIA terminal 3, construction of several ports and the building of a new airports or terminals.

De Jesus was also extremely disappointed when he got word that several people in the Malacanang wanted nothing more than cash in on the deals. 

" They're using the name of the President to get into these deals. Napaka ganid at makakapal ngayon kesa nung panahon ni Gloria", says the source who is very close to the family of the resigned DOTC secretary.

Ping de Jesus, for those who know him, is a very straight guy. He does not tolerate corruption. The reason why these projects were delayed was that the DOTC sat on these projects to protect the public interests.
Deals without anomalies attached to them were either blocked or some groups did not inform the President of the urgency of approving these deals, says the source.

Worse, when Mr. de Jesus raised these problems with the President, the President reportedly got a little angry.  Noynoy even reportedly protected Virgie Torres, his firing range buddy accused of graft and corruption. Torres got her suspension order from the DOJ. 

De Jesus also reportedly had a confrontation with the DOTC mafia which includes several retired police personnel -, relics of the old DOTC leadership. De Jesus' anti-corruption campaign forced several of these DOTC old-timers to do a smear campaign against the secretary.