Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reason behind De Jesus' Resignation:The Dioknos, Torreses and Punos of the Aquino Administration

HOnest men leaving the Aquino administration
So, that's it. After he bungled his job and is exposed as an inept jailer, Ernesto Diokno, bosom buddy of President Benigno Aquino was made to resign to escape the fangs of the law.

This differs from the one Ping de Jesus, secretary of the DOTC did last Monday. De Jesus' resignation exposed the truth happening inside the palace. 

Diokno was made to resign to avoid prosecution. De Jesus' resigned because he cannot tolerate the ineptitude and the power struggle happening inside the palace. 

The Department of Justice (DOJ) says Diokno's "absolved" after he tendered his resignation. The fact-finding commission discovered so many anomalies at the New Bilibid prisons that it is next to impossible that Diokno did not know at least some of them during his tenure. Or, as many say, Diokno might have even participated in some anomalous transactions there.

Diokno should have been charged as well, for command responsibility. But, no.

Fact is, Diokno is being prepared for another assignment, intimated by no less than the President. 

Imagine, an inept official being "re-tooled" for another assignment. How assured are we that Diokno will not anymore bungle his next job?

As they say, it's best for someone to be friends with the President.

Look at what happened at the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC). The country lost a great patriot in the person of Ping de Jesus all because of the fact that the President reportedly sided with his firing range friend and kababayan, Land TRansportation Office (LTO) chief Linda Torres in the case of Stradcom.

Torres reportedly took part in the contentious Stradcom ownership issue and has allowed anomalies to rise in the LTO that de Jesus reportedly wanted to fire her from her post. As LTO chief, Torres is just an assistant secretary in the DOTC.

De Jesus reportedly asked for TOrres' head from the president, but Aquino reportedly defended his beleaguered friend. THat sealed the deal for both the president and De Jesus.

President Aquino has this tendency of protecting his friends, not the public welfare. Noynoy is exhibiting and even committing the grievous sins of his predecessor, Gloria Arroyo.

Fact is, Aquino is behaving so much like Arroyo that there is no noticeable difference between the two.

Worse, Aquino shows lack of competence to lead this country to greatness once more. He is all talk, all propaganda, no substantial achievement since he took office a year ago.

Prominent and highly respected people are leaving the Aquino administration, frustrated at what is happening inside the palace.

Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa says there is no power struggle happening inside the palace. Yet, the Administrative Order which is supposed to define the powers of LIberal party president Mar Roxas is still being crafted.

Groups are maneuvering to prevent Roxas from assuming the Chief of Staff post, even giving hints to media that Roxas will assume this and that position, to muddle the order of the President.