Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spratlys as Kalayaan Group of Islands and South China Sea as Luzon Sea

From now on, I urge my readers and friends to use the term Luzon Sea to refer to the South China Sea and the Kalayaan Group of Islands as Spratlys.

So what the hell if the Chinese government protest against it? They are not our masters, and we are not their slaves. We are free men. We can do what we want, and we can definitely say that WE OWN THOSE ISLANDS simply because we do: For one, proximity alone tells us that it is ours and second, look at the map and obviously those islands and islets and reefs are ours.

I urge Immigration to tighten security against Chinese migrants who enter our territory and reside here. It is time to restrict their movements.

I also urge government to show its disgusts with the way the Chinese government is treating this issue by severing all projects with Chinese interests in them. It is no good doing business with these people who assert several things which are beyond their comprehension.

Let us all boycott Chinese made products. Let's see who's boss now.