Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a shame.Or do we still have it?

What happened with the two Filipinas in Bali Indonesia shows how lowly the impression of foreigners about us. And Pnoy is not helping us improve this image before foreigners of this country. 

Look--we have a government that is so helpless and without honor, that allows another country to bully itself. Think about it. Six out of seven islands we claim as our own, are now being occupied by another country. What do we do? We protest but our voice is as meek as a lamb. 

Fact is, our president even welcomed China's Defense Minister with open arms and with a smile on his face. When our immigration chief committed an error and Mar Roxas was sent to placate the Taiwanese, he was faced with an angry Taiwanese leader.

Where is our honor?

Yes, its foolhardy to dare the Chinese to a fight, but at least what we want to see is an angry government. Its like our government does not really care if foreigners are already exploiting our lands for free.

If this happened to other countries, those countries would have shouted before the world how another country has transgressed it. Noynoy says, the Philippines was worried that China would lose face. What the hell? So what if China loses face? That is not even commensurate with what China did to the Philippines.

Look--foreigners are laughing at us right now particularly when they hear of our prisoners enjoying their stay in our prisons. 

OUr image? Criminals enjoy it here in the Philippines because after being tried in COurt, what awaits them are luxurious villas fit for kings.

Look--a Cabinet secretary resigns because his principal, the President of the Philippines refuses to fire an erring ASSISTANT SECRETARY. Imagine that--a President acting like a big brat or acting like a teenage king. Wow.